Winterberg and the mountain scenery of the Sauerland invite you to take a break.

Winterberg is itself a "state-approved curative-climatic health resort" in addition to a number of associated villages, and "state-approved climatic health resorts" and "state-approved resorts" can also be found in a number of other villages in the city.

Source: Ferienwelt Winterberg


Various businesses in the region underpin this with their wellness, health and relaxation offers so that you can feel good all round. The nature invites you to stay and enjoy with its mountain scenery. Various hiking trails offer you the most diverse discovery routes - in summer and winter. In Winterberg's swimming pools you can not only work off your energy, but also relax and sunbathe.

In our house there is also a private sauna. After an eventful and exhausting day it is the perfect place to relax.


Winterberg also has a variety of gastronomic facilities where you can enjoy culinary delights. From regional to international cuisine, there is something for everyone. A stay is not only a pleasure for the palate, because often the guests are also offered distinctive views and an inviting, cosy ambience.

We recommend you to visit the Panorama Café - Restaurant. Let your gaze wander over Winterberg in the mountain scenery of the Sauerland while you enjoy the delicacies of the house.

Source: Ferienwelt Winterberg